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Equipment Manufacturing

Our Equipment Manufacturing Products

Our onsite equipment manufacturing includes troughs, loading ramps, hay & pallet forks, feed carts, car & specialised trailers, & made-to-order products.

Stock Feed Troughs

The Thomas Trough


  • Made from heavy 3mm plate galvanised dipped
  • Stainless Steel $POA
  • Welded inside and out before galvanising
  • Hinged and pinned float cover
  • 80mm polythene drain plug
  • Threaded u-bolt to hold ballcock firm
  • Sloped under inlet to keep clean under float cover
  • Pre-cut base plates to suit either 12 mm bolts for concrete pad or star droppers for paddock use
  • Sump for ease of cleaning
  • 400mm wide x 250mm deep
  • Lightweight and Manageable:
    • The 2.4-metre trough weighs 55kg and holds approximately 150-170 litres
    • The 3.0-metre trough weighs 65kg
    • The 4.8-metre trough weighs 110kg
    • The 9.6-metre trough weighs 210kg and is joined in the middle by ten (10) bolts and Silastic for sealer.
Portable sheep loading ramp

6m Portable Loading Ramp


  • Features:
    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Towable in the direction of use
    • Easily reaches 3rd deck on truck
    • 700mm wide ramp
    • 420mm walkway with handrails
    • Mounted on springs with a heavy-duty axle
    • Heavy duty 600kg break winch
    • Pressed 3mm aluminium flooring
    • Extra height for goats can be ordered
Portable yards and drafting and loading ramp

Portable Sheep Yards & Loading Ramp


  • Dual-purpose loading ramp to the first deck and draft race
  • 30 or 40 Panel Sets
  • Free standing draft ( to be taken off the trailer )
  • Standard set has 30 panels
  • Sheep or goat sets
Hay and Pallet Forks

Hay and Pallet Forks


    • Custom height
    • Various hook up attachments
    • Bare-co tines
Feed Cart

Feed Cart


    • Single or double axle
    • 13 bags or 25 bag
    • 50mm Tow ball hitch
    • 16 inch wheels
    • Water tight has a lid
    • Feed out control manual or electric outlet
Comb Trailer

Comb Trailer


    • Fully adjustable
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Custom-built to suit all fronts
Flat Top with Sides & Headboard

Trailer – 12×7 Flat Top with Sides & Headboard


    • 12×7 or 14×7
    • Heavy duty parallel type axles
    • Rocker roller suspension
    • 16-inch Tyres
    • Mechanical brakes or electrical brakes ( electric brakes rated 3.3ton)
    • Heavy-duty jockey wheel
Car Trailer

Car Trailer


    • Rocker roller suspension
    • Heavy duty parallel axles
    • 16 inch wheels
    • Electric brakes
    • Aluminium ramps either front and back tail gate or slide in under chassis
    • Tie down points in floor of the trailer
    • Heavy duty jockey wheel
    • 50mm tow ball coupler
Side Opening Hurdles

Trailer – 12×7 with Side Opening Hurdles


    • Flat top trailer 12×7 and 14×7 standard
    • Rocker roller suspension
    • Heavy duty parallel axles
    • 50mm Tow ball coupler
    • Heavy duty jockey wheel
    • Mechanical or electric brakes ( Electric brakes rated to 3.3ton)
    • Option1: Aluminium hurdles with side opening doors and sliding back door
    • Option 2: Aluminium Hurdles with sliding back door only
    • Option 3: Aluminium hurdles with opening rear panel and sliding rear door
    • Can order without hurdles
Trailer 10×5 Box Trailer with Hurdles

Trailer 10×5 Box Trailer with Hurdles


    • Standard 10 x 5 Box Trailer
    • Rocker Roller Suspension
    • Heavy duty parallel axles
    • 50mm tow ball coupler
    • Mechanical brakes or electric brakes
      (electric brakes rated to 3.3 ton )
    • Aluminium hurdles with sliding back door and opening rear panel.

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